Design School Kolding
30 May–2 June 2017


How do we REDO our design education, our design practice, and our design research so that our knowledge comes to have an actual effect on how we live, from the micro level of the domestic to the macro level of politics? How do we train our students to become DOers and to confront the challenges that face the world in terms of social inclusion, climate/environment, and economic growth? How do we impact our disciplines and beyond?
The REDO biannual Cumulus 2017 conference in Kolding aims to playfully inspire, challenge and develop the role, relevance and scope of design, art and media in a global world with sustainability for people, planet and profit in mind. The overall aim of the conference is to create lasting impact in design and design education and initiate (future) actions.







JOIN THE GAME: Online registration for ’PLAY – The Design Way’ is now open. The mini conference is an open event of the DesignCamp2018 and takes place on 2 February 2018. There are limited spots available, and spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Fee: 500 DKK. Please note: registration via link in event.

Experience talks by Denmark’s first Play Professor, Helle Marie Skovbjerg, and Professor Krystina Castella from ArtCenter College, Pasadena. Also, get a chance to experience brand new design solutions first-hand when approx. 100 students present their takes on real challenges in real companies focusing on the difference play can make in design processes and in the development of products and services.

Collaboration partners: Starbucks Arla Ledon A/S LEGO Education Danske Bank, IT Nicolai for Børn GIVSKUD ZOO Sprogeriet Fredericia Kommune @EYEBAB Peter Larsen Kaffe

DesignCamp2018 is organised by the Lab for Play & Design at Design School Kolding in collaboration with SDU Kolding, Aalborg Universitet and innovation network D2i – Design to innovate.
Funded by the South Denmark and EU.

Open Conference: PLAY – The Design Way

februar 2, 2018, 9:30am – februar 2, 2018, 2:30pm

‘PLAY – The Design Way’
The conference is an open event of the DesignCamp2018 ‘PLAY – The Design Way’; a two-week masterclass at Design School Kolding.

The purpose of the conference is to share knowledge on how to use play in the context of creating playful products, processes and services for the future. With the conference, we seek to acknowledge and enhance the role of play in design by introducing new perspectives from practitioners and academic experts, and we seek to identify the primary possibilities and pitfalls for the future use of play within the field of design.

Experience talks by Denmark’s first Play Professor, Helle Marie Skovbjerg, and Professor Krystina Castella from ArtCenter College, Pasadena.

Through a Play Exhibition and three Play Track Sessions, you will be able to experience the playful inspirational designs created by nearly 100 MA students during the DesignCamp2018; designs that address real and specific challenges presented by 13 companies.

Head of Camp, Sune Gudiksen, will lead a Panel Discussion between the members of the ‘specialist task force’ that has been set up to facilitate and qualify the students’ work. Through questions defined by the conference guests, the panel will debate interesting topics within the area of play, design and business.

Please note: There are limited spots available, and spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Fee: 500 DKK.
About the DesignCamp2018
Since 2009, the DesignCamp is an annual cross-cultural event at Design School Kolding. It is internationally recognised for successfully establishing a space for companies, experts and MA students to come together and engage in the creation of new concepts. A key concept of the DesignCamp is that the students’ concepts link to the real world, so we invite companies, organisations and the public sector to present the students with cases that represent a specific challenge that they are facing.
The driving principle of this year’s DesignCamp is the ability of playfulness to inform many, if not all, design processes and outcomes. It recognises how open-ended and playful methods can drive idea development and strategic design potential. In that way, the purpose is to inject inventiveness and radical reframing into the solution to issues surrounding the provision of products and services.
DesignCamp2018 partners are:
• Arla
• Danske Bank, IT
• Fredericia Kommune
• Givskud Zoo
• Ledon A/S
• LEGO System A/S
• LEGO House
• LEGO Education
• Nicolai for Børn
• Peter Larsen Kaffe
• Sprogeriet
• Starbucks

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Design School Kolding is nothing without the profound impact its students make on Denmark and on the world. We live and breathe through their efforts and are honoured that they chose Kolding for their education.

Our CUMULUS film tries to reflect that by showing the goal of the conference – to RE DO – through the breadth and range of their efforts.
We pride ourselves on our international approach and the film was produced and scripted by Barnabas Wetton, the motion graphics, cutting and editing took place in the Netherlands by one of our strongest teachers Léon Kranenburg. The sound was developed by Yossi Karutchi – a Beersheba born producer and musician who has won Danish Music Awards two years running. It is built up around a sonic description of Denmark and picks up on what Léon said he was looking for when the whole project started. In a moment of insight he said “give us all a sense of what the sound of Denmark tastes like”.

Thank you to Katrine Worsøe.