Designers can change the future. So can artists, journalists, scientists, engineers, and politicians. But none of us can do it alone. Together we need to turn our ideas into actions, our inventions into innovations, and put new technologies into use. Design School Kolding offers the space to do just that.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the solutions provided by the rationalist discourse are no longer working. We need new models for thinking and we need to include the human factor. If we want a sustainable future, we need to REDO.

So let us come together and REDO our design education, our design practice, and our design research so that our knowledge comes to have an actual effect on how we live, from the micro level of the domestic to the macro level of politics. Let us train our students to become DOers and to confront the challenges that face the world in terms of social inclusion, climate/environment, and economic growth. Let us impact our disciplines and beyond.

My Personal Impact

My Personal Impact is an initiative that encourages delegates to use the conference to create a plan for how they want their work to have an impact on various levels of society. In different ways, the conference will inspire and motivate you to look at your own role and hopefully, you will leave with a new sense of direction and new partnerships.